Philippe Sautier is a french photographer since 1999. Since his youngest age, the lights of cinematographic industry always fascinated him. After studies of photography in Paris, he quenched finally its passion for the image and the lighting and starts its career of advertising photographer.

Whatever is the place and the photographed subject, he has this capacity to catch the perfect moment and the beauty of the expression , while dressing them in subtle and precise lights which make its brandmark today.

His studio is equipped with material last generation to respect your technical requirements and leave free class with its imagination and creativity. 

The technical staff is constituted by make-up women, hairdressers, stylists and high end graphic designers freelance recognized who will be to be available and on your listening.

For your photo productions, we arrange numerous contacts for the rent of sites (studio photo, houses, loft, gardens ..) in France and abroad.

Our artistics agents and models' agencies partners, can propose you directly candidatures for your castings.